Hello! I’m Lisa Ciccone, Italian freelance illustrator.
I was born in L'Aquila where I live and work.
I studied illustration at International School of Comics in Rome.

I graduated in Architecture from “La Sapienza” in Rome, however my true passion was drawing and illustration. 
I’m discovering my self and my style everyday by following workshops, collecting pictures and illustrated books.

Specialized in Children's picture books, I'm partial to gouache and watercolor styles. Traditional tecniques are really poetic for me!

I love everything is old and had a story: typewriter, paper, signboard, wood toys...antique stores are my wonderland!
I love coffee and chocolate, walking in the puddles, the snow, the scent of crayons.
I wish to live in a wood house with a lot of windows.

Take a look at my presentation in stop motion!

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